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Tips For Different Game Modes In Brawl Stars

Brawl star is a fantastic video game and you can easily pick this game but it is difficult to master it. In this game, you can make many strategies because every characterhas different abilities, weapons and stats.Strategies are helpful to make better brawler but it depends on you which characteryou choose. It has four main modes like smash and grab, bounty, showdown and heist. You can easily download this game on your mobiles and play the different modes of this game. You can also use the brawl star cheats to gain additional gems and other tools so as to win the game.

Here are some game modes that you can enjoy.

Smash and grab mode

In this mode, you can see that each character has a task to grab the crystals from the center of the map when fighting with the opposite team. If any player dies then they drop all the crystals in the battlefield. It is necessary to collect 10crystals by a team and hold them for 16 seconds for winning the match. There are some tips which help you to hold the crystal. These are as follows:

  • Use obstacles for your advantage – When you are playing this mode then you will see that there are many obstacles across the battlefield. You can use these obstacles for your advantage. Mostof the characters do not shoot through rocks, mushroom and other objects and it works as a cover to save from the enemy. You can use these obstacles for your advantage to save from the enemy.
  • When you get 10crystals then run – When your team has got 10 or more crystals and the 16 seconds countdown is started then you have to run to the bottom of the stage where your team spawns.It takes more time for theother team to reach you.